What Should You Look for When Buying A Water Bong or Pipe?

water-bongIf you have decided to begin using a water bong or pipe you may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer scope of pieces that are for sale. Water bongs and pipes come in a variety of sizes, shapes and, of course, prices to choose from and matching the smoker with the ideal piece can be difficult. This article will discuss some basic considerations.

bong-pipe1Start with how and where you will use your glass bong and pipe. Glass bongs are a bit unwieldy and having a smaller one that is stationary is often the best option for your use so that you can avoid breaking it. Glass pipes can be more mobile and you should decide if you will only be using it from home or taking it out. If you plan on using it only in your home than a more extensive and ornate pipe may make sense. However if you are planning on taking it out look for a more compact, sturdy, and affordable glass bowl that you can use without major fear of losing it when and if it is dropped.

Next decide which type of design appeals to you. It may be a character from a book such as Lord of the Rings, or an animal or mythical creature. It may be an instrument or something simple. Glance online to see the different shapes and sizes available for your bowl or bong and find one that meets your idea of beauty.

Finally stick to your budget. Save the truly ornate and extensive glass bongs for the showroom and those who can buy them without stretching their budget and choose an bong or pipe that won’t be a major investment for you. Don’t overextend yourself financially and simply find something affordable that you like.